Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

The waste to wealth research group undertakes pure and applied researches to develop appropriate technologies for different waste streams including biodegradable waste, sludge, and plastic wastes.

We are interested in the recycling of plastics into fuel oils and the development of novel products for use as land conditioners and plant fertilizers.

We undertake waste mapping to identify appropriate technologies for recycling and resource recovery. We collaborate with Lancaster Environment Centre on Aerobic Digestion technologies.

    1. Waste scoping studies for a waste management facility in Akwa Ibom State (contract research in 2019)
    2. Utilization of waste streams for the development of novel products for agricultural and industrial applications (funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology South Korea through the International Environmental Research Institute Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in 2015 to 2017)
  • Dr. Edu Inam Team leader

    Dr. Edu Inam

    Senior Lecturer, Analytical/Environmental Chemistry

    Contact: eduinam@uniuyo.edu.ng eduinam235@gmail.com +234818175086

    Dr. Nnanake Offiong

    Dr. Nnanake Offiong

    Senior Research Associate, Analytical/Environmental Chemistry

    Contact: nnanakeoffiong@gmail.com

    Nyetiobong Williams

    Nyetiobong Williams

    Expert in Environmental Science Research/Watershed Studies

    Contact: williamnyetiobong@gmail.com +2349037248225

    Okon Okon

    Okon Okon

    Research Fellow

    Contact: okonokon100@gmail.com +2348067487154

    Eunice Edet

    Eunice Edet

    MSc Student/Research Fellow

    Contact: unice.edet@gmail.com +2348066638345

  • 2019

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