Our Story

The idea to set up a model research and training centre supported by the private sector and focused on research and training for sustainable developments in Nigeria started when three Nigerians met in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in August 2010.

The three Nigerians were Dr. Edu Inam of the Department of Chemistry University of Uyo, Dr. Francis Folusho then a Post Doctoral Scholar at New England Biolab Boston, and Mr. Julius Akinyemi, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The meeting was facilitated by Mrs. Valerie Edozie of Schlumberger Nigeria Limited.

Dr. Edu Inam is a fellow of Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Programme and continues to enjoy close association with the Schlumberger Family.

After extensive deliberations by the trio, Dr. Inam had the mandate of getting approval from the University of Uyo to host as well as key into this idea which had already turned into a vision.

Dr. Ime Obot and Dr. Joseph Essien, very well-respected research scientists in the University of Uyo, came on board to strengthen the technical aspects while Dr. Utibe Aluyi, retail pharmacists, USA was co-opted to expand linkages in USA.

After several bureaucratic procedures, the senate of the University of Uyo at its’ 82nd meeting held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 approved the establishment of International Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Research (ICEESR) in line with the ideas developed by the founding team.

Our Team

Founding Members

 Founding Members
1Dr. Edu Inam
2Mr. Julius Akinyemi
3Dr. Folusho Ajayi
4Dr. Joseph Essien
5Dr. Ime Obot
6Dr. Utibe Aluyi

Scientific Advisory Board

 Member NamePosition
1Dr. Johnathan ObajeDirector, R&D, Nanyang Technical University, Japan
2Prof. A. Y. ItahFormer Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Uyo
3Prof. E. D. UdosenFormer, HOD, Department of Chemistry, University of Uyo
4Prof. Kyoung-Woong KimFormer Director,IERC,Gwangju Institute of Science and Tech, South Korea
5Dr. Akanimo OdonLancaster University, United Kingdom
6Prof. Leo DanielKwara State University, IIorin
7Dr. F. AlongeFaculty of Engineering, University of Uyo
8Dr. Peter R. WeigeleNew England Biolabs, Ipswich, USA

Visiting Scholars

 Visiting ScholarsResearch Fields
1Mr. Julius Akinyemi Business Development
2Dr. Folusho AjayiEnergy and Biotechology
3Prof. Peter WeigeleMolecular Biology
4Prof. Eno EbensoMaterial Science and Technology
6Prof. Hilarly InyangEnvironment
7Dr. Fukuya IinoEnvironment
8Dr. Kenneth Widmer Environment
9Dr. Hedda SchmidkeEnvironmental Sensors
10Dr. Akan OdonInternational Strategy Adviser (Business and Research)
11Dr. Afolabi RichardInternational Strategy Adviser (ICT)

Full-time Faculties

 Full-time FacultiesPosition / Research Field
1Dr. Edu InamResearch Scientist, Environment
2Dr. Joseph EssienResearch Scientist, Environment
3Dr. Ime ObotResearch Scientist, Nano Science and Technology
4Dr. Saviour UmorenResearch Scientist, Materials and Polymer Science
5Dr. Bassey AntiaResearch Scientist, Natural Products
6Dr. Paul Udoh Research Scientist, Simulation and Modeling
7Dr. Valerie SolomonResearch Scientist, Gender and Environment
8Dr. Emmanuel AkpabioResearch Scientist, Environment
9Dr. E.U.U.ItuenResearch Scientist, Bioenergy technology
10Dr. Anietie MosesResearch Scientist, Biotechnology
11Mrs Gertrude ArchibongAdministrative Officer
12Mr. Kufre IteResearch Associate
13Mr. Nnanake OffiongPost graduate Student
14Ms Felicia Ibanga Post graduate student
15Mr. Godwin EvansPostgraduate student
16Mrs Christiana UdosenPostgraduate student
17Mrs. Emem Samuel NtinoPostgraduate Student
18Mr. Nsikak Andrew AbrahamPostgraduate student
19Dr. Atim JohnsonMaterials and Nanoscience Lab
20Dr. Godwin EbongEnvironmental Chemistry Lab
21Dr. Naomi AssamudoMicrobiology and Biotechnology Lab