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Nnanake-Abasi Offiong

Ph.D Student

My research involves monitoring and risk assessment of legacy (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)) and emerging contaminants (pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs), personal care products (PCPs) & endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs)) in...
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Kokoette Raymond Okokon

Laboratory Technologist

My research involves competitive modelling for the biosorptive adsorption of trace metals from waste water as well as studying the interaction of these inorganic contaminants with different bio-materials utilized in...
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Opeyemi Kayode Fatunla

MSc. Student

My research focuses on the microbial characterization of waste streams (Sludge, brewery spent grain and others), their subsequent composting, and the possibility of utilizing such waste streams for the development...
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John Bassey Edet


My research is based on the extraction and monitoring the interactions of humic acid with trace metals and dyes in single and binary systems, as well as studying the properties...
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