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ICEESR will operate the following training activities for human capital development and capacity building:[one_half] [icons_list animation=”showup”] [icons_list_item type=”icomoon-paper-plane” title=”Internships”]

Internship programmes for postgraduate students from Nigeria and other developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Professional training programmes for policy makers, industry managers and professionals in energy and environmental sustainability fields for continuous update of skills.

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Academic instruction of basic and advanced information on environmental sustainability issues.

[/icons_list_item] [icons_list_item type=”icomoon-target” title=”Fellowships & Specials”]

Short courses, conferences and workshops. Joint postgraduate programmes and grants for postgraduate fellowships with leading partner institutions.

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The aim of the training programme is to help students, young researchers, junior professionals and policy/decision makers in the field of environmental sustainability, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, to learn and upgrade their practical knowledge and skills, in line with the capacity development activities of other well established institutes in the world.

The overall objective of the training programme will be to produce educated and skilled young scientists that can create, share and use knowledge well.

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