Current Funded Research Project

Title: Utilization of waste streams for the development of novel products for agricultural and industrial applications


Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities in the sub-Saharan Africa with increasing population (1.4 million as at 2006) and infrastructural development (NPC, 2006).

Like in many other megacities in the world, there is increasing demand for portable water, to address this water challenge, the Federal Government of Nigeria recently commissioning the 3rd and 4th phases of the Bwari Lower Usuma Dam Water Treatment Plants in addition to already existing phases 1 and 2 plants.

The combined capacity of the four plants produces 30,000 cubic meter of portable water per hour. At this capacity another environmental challenge has been created, the production of several tonnes of sludge waste from the treatment plants.

In the literature it has been reported that sludge wastes may contain protein, fats (soap, oil, grease), urea, cellulose, silica, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, iron, calcium, alumina, magnesium oxide and potash (Turoviskiy and Mathias 2006), and the quantities and qualities of these constituent vary depending on the source of the sludge and the pre-treatment administer during water or waste-water treatment.

The objective is to utilise the sludge waste from Abuja megacity water treatment plants for production of various novel products for agricultural and/or industrial application.



This study is supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in South Korea through the International Environmental Research Center and the UNU & GIST Joint Programme on Science and Technology for Sustainability.



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