The International Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Research is a newly created R & D centre in the University of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria dedicated to generation and transfer of knowledge, strengthening individual and institutional capacities in furtherance of the mission and vision of the University of Uyo.

ICEESR is a model research centre for international technological cooperation to be affiliated with renowned International Research Centers (like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Laboratory, USA, and the International Environmental Analysis and Education at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea), and at the same time bringing in private ownership through a consortium of local, national and international businesses and governments.

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Objectives of ICEESR

  • To carry out industry-driven innovative research and training on  science and technology for environmental sustainability;
  • To share among the investing community resulting research outputs for commercialization;
  • To undertake information dissemination, consultancy & advisory services; and
  • To  contribute to capacity building in the key areas of environmental management, geo-information, energy, technology and sustainable development.

Rationale for ICEESR

As Nigeria transforms to a developed economy, advanced science and technology will play a key role in catalyzing this transformation, ICEESR will be pivotal in:

  • Technology transfer for increased productivity and poverty reduction
  • Capacity building in advanced science and technology towards a knowledge society.
  • Provide solutions to domestic challenges in energy and environmental sustainability.

Uniqueness and Strength

ICEESR peculiar strengths and uniqueness for the achievement of excellence in R & D is on the following factsheet:

  • First University based Public Private Partnership innovative research centre.
  • R & D dedicated to industrial research and focus on commercialization of innovative ideas and concepts.
  • Strong collaboration with International A-listed innovation centres.
  • Collaboration with industries to take on the tough research challenges.
  • A “Living Lab” where ideas are created, researched and actualized in a way that is relevant and pertinent to challenges of our times.

Value Proposition for Sponsors

ICEESR is envisioned to benefit all stakeholders through:

  • Development of new inventions and researches that will enhance sustainable and environmental friendly industry operations.
  • Opportunity to undertake bespoke research and investigations for specific industry challenges;
  • Opportunity for a win-win corporate social responsibility project.
  • Opportunity to negotiate intellectual properties, patency and commercialization agreements for sponsored inventions.

Sustainability Outlook

  • Training and consultancy programmes at commercial rates
  • Sale of IP and venture funds to facilitate spinoff of IPs and  Companies.
  • Research grants and endowments for both open and  bespoke researches.

How to Support ICEESR

  • Donating equipment or buildings
  • Sponsoring segments of the budget
  • Providing research grants and endowments